South Georgia Plantations for Sale

South Georgia is famous for its lush, rolling landscape, historic small towns, and large collection of antebellum and traditional quail hunting plantations. This combination of features lured many an investor to the region in the years after the Civil War, which had spared most of the homes and infrastructure of this particular corner of the South. Today, South Georgia plantations for sale continue to draw attention, primarily from those wish to have their own country retreat or who are considering investing in or developing a hunting plantation.

Plantations for Sale in South Georgia

It is not too often, however, that South Georgia plantations for sale come on the market and inasmuch as no two properties are alike, an interested investor could be in for a long wait before their ideal property becomes available. This is what makes the strategic acquisition services of The Wright Group so invaluable. If you are interested in South Georgia plantations for sale as well as nearby Alabama plantations for sale, the firm will identify the best property options for your particular needs. Often, these properties are either not out on the open market or are not on the market at all, but have owners who might not decline the right offer. Thanks to The Wright Group’s deep knowledge of the region, which includes a keen understanding not only of South Georgia plantations and South Georgia hunting land, but also of the region’s history and its people, this delicate negotiation process is handled effectively and discreetly. View the Featured Auctions section to see what one-of-a-kind property is currently available and schedule a consultation with The Wright Group for more information today.

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