North Florida Plantations for Sale

The transformation of the cotton-growing antebellum plantations of South Georgia and North Florida into today’s hunting plantations actually occurred more than a century ago when wealthy industrialists of the Gilded Age were drawn to the region’s pastoral setting, mild climate and the relatively affordable prices of South Georgia and North Florida plantations for sale. Anchored by the communities of Thomasville, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida, the area became a favored winter retreat of the Victorian elite and it remains a preferred vacation destination for a select number of elite sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

Plantations for Sale in North Florida

As in South Georgia, quail shooting is the activity of choice of most of those who pay a visit to North Florida’s hunting plantations. What is “plantation country” is also “quail country” and most, if not all, North Florida plantations for sale are well equipped for the sport, with turnkey facilities such as dog kennels, stables and paddocks alongside mature stands of longleaf pine and native grasses which provide optimal habitat for the regions abundant bobwhite quail population.

Those interested in investing in North Florida plantations for sale as well as Alabama plantations had best bear in mind, however, that as with most distinctive properties these hunting estates are not always readily available. If you wish to embark on this property venture, it is best to partner with a local real estate brokerage like The Wright Group, whose track record in strategic acquisitions is impeccable.

Learn more about The Wright Group’s client services and browse through the site for an introduction to their business philosophy, methods and strategies. To discuss your options in North Florida and South Georgia plantations for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the firm at your convenience.

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